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Portable Silicone Waterproof Electric Bidet Travel kit


  • Built-in rechargeable battery, one charge lasting durable for nearly a month.

  • Universal USB charging cable for a variety of mobile phone power adapter, or directly connected to the computer USB interface to charge.

  • Using silicone waterproof design, convenient to use.

  • Small size, lightweight, easy to carry, provide personal hygiene care anytime, anywhere.

  • Replace the paper towels, do not damage the skin, the effective prevention of private parts of the disease infection.

  • Two water spray, soft water can be converted into ladies urine, strong and powerful water.

  • Semi-circular outlet, you can accurately align the clean point, while flushing side scraping wipe, completely clean.

  • Save paper towels, to achieve environmental protection, economical, comfortable, clean combination.

  • Gently press the button, you can achieve clean body, according to the actual needs of water control, saving water.

  • Suitable for baby diapers change clean, disabled person, public toilet, temporary residence, business travel and outdoor sports.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Silicone Waterproof Material
Water Capacity: 165ml
Main Body Weight: 200g
Water-proof: 1m
Length: 15cm for pocket, 36cm for body cleaning
Cycle Time:60 sec (low spray), 30 sec (high spray)
Chargeable Lithium Battery: 3.7V/500mA
Power Consumption: Maximum 0.5w
Battery Duration: Around 100 cycles
Standby Time: Maximum 60 days
Battery Charging Time: Around 2 hours
Power Supply: built-in rechargeable battery, universal USB charging cable
Maximum Length: Approx. 36cm / 14.2in
Folded Length: Approx. 15cm / 5.9in
Color: Black, Blue (optional)
Weight: Approx. 384g / 13.5 oz

Package list:
1 * Electric Bidet
1 * User Manual
1 * Dustproof Bag
1 * Adapter
1 * Hanging Rope
1 * Data Cable

Recharging the Bidet Battery:
Charge the battery inside with the supplied USB cable before using. When battery is low, the spray will decrease and eventually stop. Charge the bidet with the USB charging cable to avoid battery damage.
1. Gently open the silicon cover at the side of the bidet. Make sure to open it from top of narrow end.
2. Plug one end of USB cable into bidet body.
3. Connect the other end USB cable to a power adapter or computer. A red indicator light in the bidet shows normal charging.
4. When the battery is full, the indicator light shuts off.
5. Unplug the cable, and close the silicon cover securely to ensure a waterproof seal.
6. Please connect the USB properly, like your cell phone USB. Maximum power output should be 5.5V.

1. This bidet is designed for female body cleaning, especially for travel pocket.
2. The thread of supplied bottle adapter is easy to meet most popular mineral/pure water bottles in the market, but not all. If you need water bottle combining, make sure to get a water bottle with same thread as supplied bottle adapter.
3. This bidet is intended for external use only.
4. Do not immerse the bidet body in water all the time.
5. Avoid filling with water above 40C(104F).
6. Clean the bidet body, reservoir, and nozzle on a regular basis to avoid harmful bacteria.
7. Prevent the device from falling, knocking and forced vibration. Rough operation could damage the internal circuit board.

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