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Bidet™ Self Cleaning Hot Water Wash Cover Seat

Bidet™ seat cover with dual adjustable knobs for hot/cold water flow. The Bidet™ seat covers are Eco friendly and hygiene friendly. It's sleek design will make your bathroom look and feel luxurious.

Non-Electric Self-Cleaning Dual Nozzles Frontal & Rear Wash Hot and Cold Water

Features :

- Fits two-piece toilet.

- No electricity or battery required.

- Water temperature control, flow control

- The bidet connects directly to the fresh water supply, providing you with a spray of water for your personal hygiene that's far more comfortable and thorough than scratchy toilet paper.

- You'll be helping the environment by using less toilet paper or wet wipes.

- Easy and quick self installation,not require any special tools other than a normal screw driver.

- Non-electric fresh-water bidet spray with nozzle is easily attachable and detachable to and from any standard two piece toilet bowl.

- Unisex general hygiene clean for all

- Adapter and hose fittings for DIY installation


Package Included :

1 x Bidet

1 x Manual

1 x 9/16" Brass T-connector

1 x 6.5Ft PU Hot Water Hose

1 x 7/8" Brass T-connector

1 x 2.2Ft Braided Steel Cold Water Hose

1 x Tape

1 x Black Washer


Specifications :

Color Solid Color
Material ABS+Brass
Hole Distance 136-200mm
Is the Hole Distance Be Adjusted Yes
Additional Features Water Temperature Adjustment/Buttocks Cleaning/Water Pressure Adjustment/Nozzle Self-cleaning
Size As shown