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    Firework light

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    A yard light consumes 3x more electricity than its indoor equivalent!

    It has been proven that solar-powered alternatives are the answer to these enormous electrical consumptions.

    Though these solar-powered lights solve the problem of electrical consumption, they are notoriously known for not lasting throughout the night. This is why the Firework Light is special.

    Crowned with an array of LED lights, the Firework Light is designed to make your yard stand out from sunup to sundown.

    What makes it the best choice for your outdoors?


    Typical yard lights are often designed with cemented/metal/wooden posts for support which means it would take an effort to move them. The Firework Light is made with a portable ground spike to ensure its solid placement while being easy to displace if it needs to be.


    Made out of Polyvinyl Chloride, the Firework Light is super lightweight and making it one of the most convenient yards lights out there. It is also one of the most durable materials which are capable of functioning without the expense of efficiency in any type or kind of weather.


    With the Firework Light being so portable and lightweight, it gives you so many options for its users such as Event decors, landscaping options, and many more. You can use it in any way you like.


    The Firework Light is powered by solar energy. Solar energy is the environment’s best friend because it doesn’t require water to work, and it doesn’t emit any harmful elements.


    The LED lights that make up the Firework Light are designed to surpass the standard solar-powered bulb’s operation span. The Firework Light can sustain its brightness by twice as long as its counterparts.


    Aside from having the best specs for a yard light, the Firework Light’s visual is the cherry on top. Taking inspiration from a firework at its glorious beauty, the Firework Light is made to stand out.

    Don’t you want to own something of beauty that has a true sense of utility?

    If you are looking to have your yard stand out, your events get lit and a light that in any event can fit, the Firework Light is all you need.

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